Understanding the Different Types of Dental Crowns

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Are you in need of a dental crown? Whether you have a cracked, chipped, broken, or severely decayed tooth, a crown is one option to correct it. A crown is an artificial tooth cap that fits over the base of an existing tooth. Its main advantage is that it allows you to keep the natural root of the tooth in place. Most crowns can last for the rest of your life, looking and functioning just like your natural tooth.

There are different types of dental crowns made of different materials. Different types have different pros and cons. If you’re trying to decide which type would be best for you, this overview may help.

Ceramic/Porcelain Crowns

One of the most widely used types of crowns is ceramic or porcelain. These materials are essentially the same, porcelain being the specific type of ceramic that is used to make crowns.

The advantages of porcelain crowns include:

  • Natural look. Comparable in size, color, and shape to your existing teeth.
  • Work well for front teeth.
  • Biologically safe because there is no metal used.

The disadvantages of porcelain crowns include:

  • Higher cost than metal.
  • Slightly less durable than metal.
  • Patients who grind their teeth should use a mouth guard to protect their porcelain crown (as well as their regular teeth).

Porcelain Fused to Metal Crowns

These crowns offer a combination of both metal and porcelain. The base that fits over the existing tooth is metal with a porcelain top for a natural look.

The advantages of porcelain fused to metal crowns include:

  • Durability of metal.
  • Natural look of porcelain.
  • Cost less than all-porcelain crowns.

The disadvantages of porcelain fused to metal crowns include:

  • Not as natural looking. A gray line may show at the gum line due to the metal that is exposed.
  • May cause wear or damage to the teeth on either side.

Zirconia Crowns

Zirconium is a naturally occurring metal that happens to be white, making it ideal for dental crowns because of its strength and color.

The advantages of zirconia crowns include:

  • Strength of metal.
  • Natural look.
  • Less likely to wear down from grinding or clenching teeth.
  • Free of other metals that tend to cause allergic reactions.

The disadvantages of zirconia crowns include:

  • Can cause wear to the lower teeth from biting down.
  • Its solidity makes it more difficult to make subtle adjustments.

E-Max Lithium Disilicate Crowns

This material is like ceramic but made out of lithium disilicate, a chemical compound that is known for its strength and transparency.

The advantages of E-Max Lithium Disilicate Crowns include:

  • Looks very natural.
  • Work well for front teeth as well as back teeth.

The disadvantages of E-Max Lithium Disilicate Crowns include:

  • Higher cost than most other materials.
  • This material is still new so there is not much information about long term success.

CEREC Same Day Crowns

CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) Same Day Crowns are made of ceramic/porcelain. The difference between CEREC Same Day Crowns and regular ceramic/porcelain crowns is that these are created and fitted in just one visit.

The advantages of CEREC Same Day Crowns Include:

  • You can have your crown placed in just one visit to the dentist.
  • Natural look and function.
  • Strong and durable.
  • Easy to adjust in the office.

The disadvantages of CEREC Same Day Crowns Include:

  • May require you to come back the next day to have your crown fitted in rare cases.
  • May cost more than other crown types.

Interested in a CEREC Same Day Crown? Visit Integrated Aesthetic Dentistry

At Integrated Aesthetic Dentistry we offer CEREC Same Day Crowns for the comfort and convenience of our patients. We know that you don’t want to spend many hours on multiple days in the dentist chair or waiting room to get a crown placed. With CEREC crowns you can come in for your appointment, have your tooth measured, and have a crown created and placed in that one visit. Only in rare cases do we have to see you back the next day to place your crown, like in a situation where your appointment is late in the day. You never have to wait weeks with a temporary crown to have your permanent one placed as other types may require.

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