The Secret Language of Smiles: What Your Dental Health Reveals About You

Did you know that according to studies, most people make a first impression within the first seven seconds of meeting you? It’s true! With such a short window of time to cultivate that impression, it would make sense that there are few items in your aesthetic toolbox more valuable than your smile. This might be obvious, but if we’re imagining... read more »

If You Have Problem Teeth, Dental Veneers Might Be the Solution for Your Smile!

Naturally strong teeth, some people are lucky enough to be born with them. For others, they can work to maintain and take care of their teeth as diligently as possible but they still experience wear and tear, discoloration, chips and misalignment. This is not only frustrating but can even be a frightening prospect, as it suggests a one-way street to... read more »