Our dentists and the team at Integrated Aesthetic Dentistry will be happy to see you if you develop a cavity. We will keep you comfortable during your appointment and restore your tooth with a composite dental filling so your smile can look and feel its best.

While we do offer cavity treatments, Drs. Barsoum, Cafarella, Reid, Heindel, Nord, Vonderheide and Chu can actually detect an area of tooth decay not just before it becomes a cavity, but before it is even visible. To do this, our office offers digital caries detection in New York City. This process uses ultraviolet light to look for the earliest indicators of tooth decay by measuring the strength of the tooth enamel. Our dentists can then address the problem as quickly as possible, resulting in a minimally invasive treatment. In some cases, we may even be able to reverse the damage.

If tooth decay is a concern for you, contact our office to schedule your appointment with our team.