Our team is always staying on top of the latest research and trends to ensure we have all the best teeth straightening options to offer to our patients

Free Consultation

If you are ready to straighten and enhance your smile, start your journey with a free 30-minute consultation. We will discuss your smile problems and your treatment goals and whether clear aligners are right for you. If you are a candidate, we will develop a treatment plan tailored specifically for you.

3D Scan

We create a 3D model of your teeth and show you what your smile should look like after your treatment is complete. We want to make sure you will be happy with the results before starting clear aligner treatment.

Personalized Aligners

You will receive new, custom-molded clear aligners every few weeks to subtly enhance your smile without the burden of traditional metal braces. Each new set of aligners will make small changes to the alignment of your teeth, gently guiding them into their proper positions and giving you a straighter smile.


We want you to get the most out of your treatment, so we will monitor your progress and make sure your teeth are moving into their correct positions and everything is going to plan during in-person check-ins.

Your new smile

Every case is different, and treatment plans vary by smile. Depending on your needs, your treatment may be a few months, or it could be up to a year. We help you determine what you need and make sure we achieve the results you want.

Teeth Whitening

To show off that new smile, we also include a free teeth whitening treatment. This treatment will brighten your smile and lighten the appearance of stains, discoloration and yellowing on your tooth enamel.

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Meet The Team

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Caroline Barsoum, DMD

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Michael Cafarella, DMD

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E. Lisa Reid, DMD

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Elizabeth Heindel, DMD


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Miriam Vonderheide, DMD


There are many benefits to improving the alignment of your smile. But who really has time for the extra brushing and flossing and dental visits that are needed with braces? Who wants the menu restrictions and the effect on your appearance that comes with braces? Our dentists, Drs. Barsoum, Cafarella, Reid, Heindel, Nord, Vonderheide and Chu, and our team may have the solution for your smile. Contact Integrated Aesthetic Dentistry for your appointment for Invisalign® clear aligners in New York City.