BOTOX® Isn’t Just for a Pretty Face, It Can Ease Your TMJ Pain

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When you think of BOTOX® what comes to mind? Smoothing out forehead wrinkles? Filling in the crow’s feet around the eyes? Reversing aging? Yes, BOTOX has become attached to its cosmetic benefits, but did you know that it can be used to treat various medical conditions as well? Along with relaxing muscle spasms, soothing migraines and treating overactive sweat glands, BOTOX can also be used to help with temporomandibular jaw disorder, more commonly known as TMJ.

Before discussing BOTOX as an option, it makes sense to know what TMJ is, what it looks like, and if it sounds like you are a candidate for treatment. In short, TMJ is essentially when the hinge-like joint that connects the jaw to the mouth stops operating as it should. There are many things that can be responsible for TMJ development. It can come on over time thanks to an overbite, misaligned teeth or simply just the natural wear that comes with aging. TMJ can also result from something happening instantly, such as a traumatic injury. TMJ has many symptoms that can range from irritating to debilitating. Facial soreness, jaw tenderness and even migraines have been attributed to TMJ.

So how can Dr. Caroline Barsoum and her skilled staff at Integrated Aesthetic Dentistry use the powers of BOTOX to help you or your loved ones who may be suffering from TMJ? After a quick consultation to diagnose the condition and a discussion of options, we will schedule a quick appointment to administer the injections and send you on your way! The BOTOX will help relax the muscles affected by TMJ and symptoms should begin to ease within a day, with full results about two weeks later. Once administered, the benefits of BOTOX can be expected to last between three and six months.

Let’s take a quick look at what just a few of the benefits of BOTOX can yield.

  • BOTOX can mitigate the debilitating effects of a migraine.
  • By relaxing the muscles around the mouth, BOTOX minimizes lockjaw.
  • The effects of TMJ are not limited to facial and head pain. Treating your TMJ with BOTOX can reduce tension in the shoulders and neck as well.
  • A dysfunctioning jawbone can cause a frustrating clicking sound that BOTOX has been shown to reduce.

We are happy to detail all of this and more with a consultation at our offices!

New York City is a wild and wonderful place with plenty to smile about, as well as its fair share of headaches. At Integrated Aesthetic Dentistry, we want to make sure you have all your bases covered to live your best life in the big city. Feel like you might be struggling with TMJ and curious about the medicinal benefits of BOTOX? Give us a call at 212-533-6782 to make an appointment and come see us at our offices in the heart of Tribeca to see what we can do to help!